The European Union (EU) has just five years to sort out its many problems before it should be eradicated, a rising German politician has declared.

Ms Petry said Britain’s historic decision to leave the EU last month should be an inspiration for other countries across the continent – with an increasing number of people in Germany now favouring their own exit.

She said: “I think we must finally set a deadline for the EU or all EU governments: if we don’t achieve any radical reforms in five years, then the question will also be raised in Germany.”

Ms Petry’s party has reached a polling high of 15 per cent in recent months, showing a growing demand for Eurosceptic and anti-immigration politics in the country.

The 41-year-old said Germany was “waking up” – and also predicted in-out referendums being held in the near future in the Netherlands, Denmark and Austria. She said many now want a “return to the status of a common market, a Europe of sovereign states.”

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