In the latest example of threatening political behaviour sweeping Europe, a youth branch of the left-wing German SPD (Social Democrat Party) has posted a picture of a member wearing a hoody bearing the European Union flag on while holding a baseball bat with a caption threatening nationalists.

The girl, a member of the Jusos (youth wing of the SPD) in Berlin is pictured in an official poster brandishing the weapon with a caption that translates as “drop nationalists ice cold.”

The state secretary of the Jusos, Anikka Klose, acknowledged that the poster was official and defended it, saying: “It is provocative — and that was our intention.”

She then appeared to contradict herself by stressing that “violence is not a means of political debate for the Jusos Berlin.”

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Multiple tweets from prominent leftists and companies prove that radical ideas of attacking conservatives is now becoming mainstream. Paul Joseph Watson discusses where this mindset will eventually take society should it be allowed to go unchecked.

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