A German state broadcaster refused to report on the murder of 19-year-old Maria Ladenburger by a 17-year-old Afghan migrant because her killing “was no different to other isolated murders.”

From The Daily Express:

A MAJOR news programme has caused outrage for refusing to report on the arrest of a migrant over the murder of a German teenage girl because the story was “too regional” – despite making headlines around the world.

The decision by the TV executives behind Tagesschau, broadcast on mainstream channel ARD, which is funded by licence fee payers, has created anger across the nation.

Maria, the daughter of a high-ranking European Union official, was raped and drowned in the attack, which took place when she was on her way back from a party in October.

The 19-year-old medical student volunteered part-time with a migrant charity but it is unknown whether she knew her attacker.

A march took place yesterday after news broke the Afghan migrant had been arrested over the killing in the city of Freiburg.

Despite widespread anger Tagesschau declined to include the story on its news programme claiming it was no different to other isolated murders.

[…]The furious reaction forced Tagesscahu editor-in-chief Dr Kai Gniffke to release a statement defending the programme’s decision.

He wrote: “Many people are currently intensely discussing the question whether the Tagesschau should have reported the arrest of the suspect in Freiburg. On social media and in some media outlets commentators are criticising our decision not to talk about the murder case.”

He added “every murder is terrible” but said “we rarely talk about specific crime cases…

“The Tagesschau reports on societal, national and international relevant events. A murder case is not part of this.”

Dr Gniffke added: “But since we evaluate the discussion value of one topic as being lower than the criterium of relevance for the Tagesschau, we decided against reporting the murder case during the show.”

This is the equivalent of a family saying they’re not going to discuss the murder of their own daughter because other murders happen elsewhere in the world. The story is massive news because it was a foreigner killing one of our own.  A foreigner shown nothing but kindness and taken in foolishly with open arms.

This insanity is straight out of a recently leaked “checklist” given to journalists in neighboring Austria detailing how to report, or misreport on migrant crime.

Diversity Macht Frei shared a translation of the Austrian Press Council’s “code of practice”:

The Press Council has put together a “checklist” to serve as a guide to the media when reporting on the topic of refugees. This is discussed “emotionally and controversially” in the population but also in the media. The list is intended to enable “self-reflection” but also to offer a “practical orientation aid”, according to the self-monitoring body of the press.

The basis for this was formed by consultations of three senates of the press council on “how to report responsibly about refugees and asylum seekers”. The basis for the decisions of the press council, which has been occupied for months with this topic, continues to be the Code of Professional Conduct for the Austrian press.

The press council’s checklist (“Responsible journalism when reporting about refugees”) reads:

Would I also report about wrongful behaviour if had not been committed by a foreigners/asylum seeker/migrant?

Have I adequately researched my topic, do my sources go beyond mere (internet) rumours?

Have I presented the facts that are required for a comprehensive and balanced reporting of my topic?

Have I checked whether my reporting/my choice of words/my selection of photos could strengthen prejudices?

A headline which is absolutely haram.

Have I checked whether information that could stir up prejudices could be left out, without changing the meaning and truth content of the story or impairing the understanding of the readers?

Have I checked whether specific information thwarts other intentions (e.g. not mentioning a person’s origin, but mentioning a name that sounds foreign)?

Note: merely mentioning the origin of a (suspected) criminal foreigner/asylum seeker/migrant is not an ethical infringement according to the current practice of the press council senate. However, in specific cases, journalists should weigh up whether mentioning origin is required for the reader’s understanding.

Have I considered whether someone could be hurt or insulted by my reporting/my choice of words/my photo selection?

Am I clear about the intentions my information provider/research sources are pursuing?

Can I open an internet forum on the topic without having to fear that the discussion gets out of hand?

Am I sure that I don’t have any non-journalistic motives for wanting to take up this topic?

Rather than report the news, you must act as an advocate on behalf of criminal foreigners and hide the reality of the crimes they commit so as not to “stir up prejudices.”

The fact of the matter is these migrants commit crime at hugely disproportionate rates when compared to Europeans. As Norwegian police chief Thomas Utne Pettersen said earlier this year, “People’s xenophobia in relation to this group is highly rational and justified.”

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