A video out of Berlin shows Muslim worshippers flagrantly violating Germany’s quarantine law and social distancing rules by congregating outside a mosque as police fail in attempting to disperse them.

The clip shows dozens of Muslims crowded outside the Dar-as-Salam mosque in Berlin’s immigrant-heavy Neukölln district as the Islamic call to prayer is broadcast on a loudspeaker.

The gathering is in total violation of Germany’s new lockdown law, which bans gatherings of more than two people and mandates social distancing.

At one point, a police officer tries to tell the crowd to disperse or at least stand further apart from each other, but he is totally ignored.

Large crowds are seen gathered both inside the gates of the mosque and outside spilling onto both sides of the street.

Some of the worshippers are wearing masks and gloves but most don’t have any protection.

At several points during the clip, the worshippers shout “Allahu Akbar.”

As the call to prayer ends, the worshippers walk away from the mosque and some of them are seen to be leaving in taxis and cars, proving they didn’t walk to the building.

Men are then seen hugging each other, totally ignoring social distancing measures in place to stop the spread of coronavirus.

At the end of the clip, six more police officers are seen to be doing nothing to enforce the law.

As we previously reported, when police attempted to enforce a quarantine law by closing down a mosque in Pakistan, they were chased away by a violent mob.

Throughout Europe’s “sensitive” migrant-heavy ghettos, police are finding it almost impossible to enforce quarantine and social distancing, to the point where a government official in France suggested authorities not even bother trying.


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