Nudist swimmers say a gang of young Muslim men threatened to “exterminate” them “all” and told them all German women are “sluts” who deserve to die.  

From Breitbart:

A group of young Muslim men threatened men, women, and children at a swimming pool in Germany because they were offended by the fact the bathers were nude.

A swimming pool in the town of Geldern in the North Rhine-Westphalia region of Germany is home to bathers who prefer a more “natural” form of swimming. Nudists at the pool were verbally abused by a group of young Muslim men who threatened them because they consider swimming in the nude ‘indecent behaviour’. The group of Muslims not only threatened the male bathers but also spat upon them and several women and children, reports Junge Freiheit.

A total of six Muslim men were involved in the incident and are described by witnesses as being in their mid 20’s, all with full Islamic-style beards. The men insulted and threatened the nudists in both German and Arabic, yelling “Allahu akbar” at the bathers along with other Arabic insults.

One of the nudists, a mother, claimed that the young Muslims told her: “We [German] women are all sluts and they would exterminate all of us.” The woman said the men all knew German quite well and at least some of them were likely second or third generation German Muslims. “This contempt, this potential for aggression made me really afraid,” she continued and according to other witnesses the men referred to the bathers as “infidels”.

Statistically, second generation Muslims are 218 percent more criminal than their first generation parents. Muslims on the whole do not integrate into western societies and do not want to integrate.

Watch this interview with a young Muslim girl whining about being asked to integrate in Sweden:

They view us as “infidels” and asking them to integrate is viewed as oppression.

This is not unique to Europe, the same is happening here in America.

Breitbart continues:

A staff member at the pool, Lisa-Marie Theunissen, described the incident to German media saying: “We had asked the men to be quiet,” after visitors to the facility had complained to the staff about being threatened and harassed. According to reports the group of Muslims, described as being “southern looking”, then went to a water skiing facility and extended their threats and harassment to the staff there whereupon they were chased out by one of the staff.

When the group returned to the swimming pool the staff decided to call the local police. The police took the young men from the pool and checked their identification, and though there were no reports of arrests being made the state security service have said they will be investigating the matter further.

This happened just days after an 18-year-old Iranian went on a shooting spree at a McDonald’s in Germany targeting “infidel” children and just a little over a week after another migrant went on an attempted murder spree hacking away at random Germans with an axe. Just two days ago, a Syrian migrant stabbed a pregnant woman to death and another blew himself up in a suicide bombing injuring 12 Germans.

There is no way these migrants are not aware of the current climate in Germany where everyone is on edge because of these Muslim terror attacks, yet they issued such death threats without a care in the world and it appears they weren’t even arrested.

Do you think they’d be committing such crimes in Muslim countries where they’ll chop your hand off if you’re caught stealing?

They know the German authorities, just like those in Sweden and France, will let them get away with anything. Here they were caught threatening to go full-jihad on some German women and children and they weren’t even arrested nor threatened with deportation. This has to change and it has to change fast.

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