A woman attending a Christmas market in Germany claims she was stopped and asked by police if she had right-wing political views because she was wearing her hair in braids.

The unidentified woman uploaded a video describing the encounter, which happened last month in Chemnitz, a town that has seen populist protests against mass immigration.

“So we are here at the main train station in Chemnitz and we were actually just stopped by the police – they asked if I had right-wing political views because of my braids,” she said.

The woman explained that she put her hair in braids because it would have looked stupid wearing it as a bun under a beanie hat.

She went on to assert that she was neither left or right wing views and is “totally unbiased when it comes to recent events happening in Germany

“I am totally shocked I have just been profiled as a right wing radical for wearing braids,” said the woman, adding that her friend was also subjected to a breathalyzer test during the encounter.

“I’m clueless and shocked because I could never have imagined something like that happening,” she added.

The incident is likely related to last month’s revelation that the Federal Ministry for Family Affairs in Germany funded a brochure for kindergarten teachers that encourages children to spy on their “right-wing” parents.

The 60-page manual was produced by the Berlin-based Amadeu Antonio Foundation (AAS), an watchdog organization that tackles racism and hate speech. It was co-funded by the Family Ministry, which is a cabinet-level ministry of the Federal Republic of Germany.

One particular description of two children whose parents supposedly belonged to a local right-wing group was particularly disturbing because it portrayed children adopting natural gender roles as being a “right-wing” trait.

“The girl wears dresses and braids, she is directed to do house work at home, while the boy faces strong physical challenges and drills,” states the manual, as if that is a bad thing.

As we reported yesterday, right-wing AfD politician Frank Magnitz was left beaten half to death after an attempted assassination attempt by left-wing Antifa terrorists.


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