This is truly outrageous.  

Can you believe Germans are providing these people with free cell phones, food and housing — and yet they won’t provide them with a solid phone signal???

Have you Germans no shame?

From The Daily Mail:

A German police officer has been severely injured in a weekend riot by drunken refugees armed with iron bars who smashed their accommodation centre to smithereens.

Two men from Togo and six from Ghana went berserk at their asylum home in Rees-Haldern, near the Dutch border a DAY after moving in because they were ‘unhappy’ with their quarters.

They complained there was no mobile phone reception in the building’s reception area.

Two dozen armed police had to respond to emergency calls from staff at the centre as the men aged between 18 and 28 laid waste to furniture, windows, doors and fittings. They even tried to penetrate the security room where guards were forced to barricade themselves in for their own safety.

The injured police officer suffered a ‘complicated’ break in one foot, although whether this was the result of a blow from one of the migrants is unclear.

The cop clearly deserved it. He should be handing over his paycheck and his daughter to these fine gentlemen to help them integrate.

These refugees need to immediately schedule a “Day Without Refugees” protest to show how desperately they’re needed.

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