Our initial post on contest rules failed to emphasize that there are TWO WAVES OF CONTESTS. Below are the contests, simplified. Sorry about the inconvenience. Response to the contests has been overwhelming. Alex will announce the August 10th winner on the show today, August 13th.

August 19th Tuesday

First Place: $5,000
Second Place: $1,000
Thrid Place: $500

August 19th Tuesday

New Declaration of Independence $2,000
Bill of Particulars $1,000

Second Wave

August 10th Sunday (to be announced on the Alex Jones Show, Wednesday, August 13)




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Alex’s rant, August 4, 2008.
Download a high quality WMV file here.

In response to increasing flagrant attempts to censor political websites, including Infowars and Prison Planet, not in Communist China, but in the U.S. and the UK, we are running a special contest with a top prize of $5,000 in order to encourage people to get active and educate others about the growing threats to Internet freedom.

As we reported yesterday, major transportation hubs like St. Pancras International, as well as libraries, big businesses, hospitals and other public outlets that offer wi-fi Internet, are blacklisting alternative news websites and making them completely inaccessible to their users.

Alex Jones talks about the Internet Censorship Contest
Paul Watson on Alex Jones: England Censors Prison Planet and Infowars
Part 2
Part 3 Part 4

On weekly basis we receive e mails from across the US and the UK from people who have attempted to visit our websites yet found them to be blocked by filtration software that lists them as “hate” or “violence”.

This precedent is merely the first indication of what is planned for the Internet over the next 5-10 years, with the traditional web becoming little more than a vast spy database that catalogues people’s every activity and bombards them with commercials, while those who comply with centralized control and regulation of content will be free to enjoy the new super-fast Internet 2, where DVD quality movies can be downloaded in seconds, but at the cost of the Internet losing its role as the last true outpost of freedom of speech.

The necessity to warn people of this agenda is no more pressing than now, and this is why we are launching a contest to create the most powerful video presentation detailing the growing cancer of Internet censorship.

Using the audio of Alex’s rant at approximately eight minutes into the second hour of the Alex Jones Show on Monday, August 4, this contest requires you create a video documenting the censorship of Prison Planet, Infowars, TruthNews, the Jones Report and other non-corporatized, alternative media websites. The video must be under 10 minutes and be posted on YouTube and a secondary video venue on the internet. Contest deadline is the 19th of August. Contest videos will also be cross-posted on Prison Planet and Infowars.

First Prize: $5,000

Second Prize: $1,000

Third Prize: $500

We are also running three other contests in a similar vein with additional prizes.


Using video clips from Alex Jones’ latest documentary, Truth Rising: The 9/11 Chronicles, remix a new trailer for the documentary. This video must be posted by Sunday evening, August 10, and the winner will be declared Monday, August 11, during Alex’s show.

Winner of Truth Rising trailer contest will receive $1,000.


Like the original U.S. Declaration of Independence, the New Declaration of Independence will assert the right of the people to oppose tyrannical, oppressive government, and once again declare the right of all sovereign individuals to pursue “Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”

Winner of the New Declaration of Independence will receive $2,000.


In the third section of the original Declaration of Independence, there is a bill of particulars against the rule of George III, such as the imposition of standing armies among the people, taxation without representation, and obstruction of justice, etc. Our Bill of Particulars will charge the NWO with additional crimes against the people, thus establishing the global elite has no right to rule over us.

Winner of the Bill of Particulars Contest will receive $1,000.

Post all videos on YouTube or a secondary video venue and please email the URL to: [email protected]. Essay entries will be sent to the email address as well.

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