The Brussels attack will prove to be a bonanza for the police state and its TSA sexual molesters.

Following the attack Infowars reported on a predictable move—already planned, but waiting for the appropriate incident—to expand airport “security” beyond airport departure gates to the street outside the airport itself.

Soon you will be forced to walk through a naked body scanner at the entrance of the airport terminal, before you buy a ticket or check your bags. Serial molesters in nifty blue uniforms with authoritative TSA badges will stick their hands down your pants, feel up your breasts, and traumatize your children—all in the name of preventing terror attacks engineered by intelligence agencies and committed by brainwashed patsies and mental deficients who read an ISIS tweet or a Facebook post.

It is hardly a secret the TSA and the Department of Homeland Security want to expand Gestapo activity beyond airports—to sports stadiums, concert venues and the local mall. They announced this goal years ago and have already imposed TSA “procedures” at rail and train stations and conduct high visibility state security theater events during the Super Bowl.

With every terror event the police and surveillance state creeps forward. Ultimately, like Nazi Germany and Stalin’s nation-wide gulag, the panopticon police state will reach into every facet of American life, as it did in East Germany under the Stasi. The prevalence of electronic communication has made the effort seamless and difficult to avoid.

We are one major event alway from a total and complete police state. For now, however,  the state will be satisfied with incremental destruction of our liberty and the eradication of our privacy and dignity.

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