May 6, 2014

jamesjordanA Brooklyn family says they’re afraid to live in their own home because cops keep barging in and tossing the place in search of a dead man. Plaintiff Karen Jordan is the widow of James Jordan Sr., a deceased security guard with a minor criminal history that includes turnstile-jumping. Jordan Sr. succumbed to diabetes in 1996, but police continue to raid his former home in an attempt to arrest him on an outstanding warrant, according to a federal lawsuit filed last week (see below).

The lawsuit alleges that police have raided Jordan’s Bushwick home, where she lives with her son James Jordan Jr., four times this year. It’s gotten so bad that she taped a copy of her dead husband’s death certificate to the apartment door in a futile attempt to prove to police that the man they seek can no longer be imprisoned.

“They tell me to be quiet or they’ll lock me up,” Jordan tells the Post. “So they go through my entire house, turning out drawers, looking in closets, harassing my children and asking them terrible questions. I’m at my wit’s end.”

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