Ethan Allen
Rogue Government
May 8, 2008

In the 1980s, the enemy of G.I.Joe was Cobra, and their imagery was deeply impressed onto fans of the comic books, action figures, and cartoons. From the Baroness’ black leather catsuit, to Destro’s silver head, to the black face masks of the Cobra soldiers, Cobra’s gloomy black and dark blue attire were just reflections of their villainous actions, as opposed to the good guys G.I.Joe, which had a much more bright and colorful look and attitude. Every Joe it seemed had a different costume and personality, where as Cobra seemed to stamp out its troops via some clone machine. Everything with Cobra was dark, and without humanity, and it made sense because they were the bad guys.

Well, times have changed. As if to continue some unspoken Hollywood trend, the makers of the upcoming G.I.Joe movie have decided to clad their good guys in Imperial black armor, similar in style to many recent action and comic book movies which have had their heroes wearing dark black suits and armor (X-men, etc). Every image released so far of the good guys (Scarlett, Snake Eyes, Heavy Duty and Breaker) all show them in dark combat gear, no different than the kind that would have been worn by their arch-enemies Cobra just 20 years ago.

This imagery is in line with current uniform trends with police and military all over the world. From black face masks for SWAT teams, to next generation combat armor, black and menacing outfits are being filtered into kids’ action flicks. The problem is, the dark troopers marching in unison and ‘doing what needs to be done to stop evil’ is now the operating procedure of the good guys, the heroes that kids emulate and want to be when they grow up.

Black uniformed death squads seem to be everywhere now, from Peruvian riot police, to SWAT teams, to the Robocop police outfits of the future. The power elite that rule this world want us to indulge in evil and partake in our own destruction, and it would seem that evil is now good and back in black.

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