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March 25, 2009

Editor’s note: It is interesting this illegal shipment was sent to a business located in Kentucky, thus providing another bit of anti-gun propaganda for the anti-gun Obama administration.

U.S. Customs agents say they’ve stopped a massive shipment of weapons from entering the United States through the Cincinnati Northern Kentucky International Airport.

[efoods]Customs and Border Patrol agents made the seizure yesterday. The shipment, manifested as “Toys” was valued at $14,000 and shipped in 25 boxes from Istanbul, Turkey.

Agents decided to search the boxes after it was determined the weapons had arrived without the proper permits.

They found 60 pump action 12-gauge shotguns and 177 pistols. The shotguns were encased in Styrofoam molding and individually packaged in 12 large boxes. The pistols were shipped within hard plastic gun storage cases packed inside 13 large cardboard boxes.

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