Shaving supply company Gillette is trying to change cultural norms with a new ad campaign aimed at men challenging them to “shave their toxic masculinity.”

The ad, called “We Believe,” kicks off with a flurry of news about #MeToo, bullying, and masculine behavior, while showing various men saying “Boys will be boys.”

The ad then rehashes Gillette’s classic tagline, “The Best a Man Can Get,” by asking, “Is this the best a man can get? Is it? We can’t hide from it. It has been going on far too long. We can’t laugh it off, making the same old excuses.”

“This is an important conversation happening, and as a company that encourages men to be their best, we feel compelled to both address it and take action of our own,” said Gillette’s North American brand director Pankaj Bhalla in a statement.

“We are taking a realistic look at what’s happening today, and aiming to inspire change by acknowledging that the old saying ‘Boys Will Be Boys’ is not an excuse. We want to hold ourselves to a higher standard, and hope all the men we serve will come along on that journey to find our ‘best’ together.”

“Because the boys watching today, will become the men of tomorrow,” the ad concludes.

If that didn’t do enough to convey that it’s spouting out leftist talking points, the ad even features Ana Kasparian of the leftist organization The Young Turks along with a gallery of other pundits, all droning on in unison about “toxic masculinity.”

The cultural attack of men by the left has gotten so intense that now even growing facial hair is considered “toxic masculinity.”

As of this writing, the ad is getting heartily ratio’d by YouTube users, in a sign that most people still like men and nuclear families.


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