A coalition of civil liberties groups is protesting the promotion of Gina Haspel by President Donald Trump to the post of director of Central Intelligence Agency (CIA).

Although Haspel is on a path to make history by becoming the first woman to lead CIA, a number of organizations that champion human rights claimed her involvement in the agency’s covert torture program in 2002 makes her unfit to be appointed the director.

“Torture is torture. This issue has been settled, and anyone who’s been involved should not be in a leadership position or leading anything in this country, especially the CIA,” Hassan Jaber, executive director of ACCESS, a Dearborn-based Arab American organization, told Middle East Eye.

Some of the civil rights groups that are preparing to fight against Trump’s controversial decision are Human Rights First, Human Rights Watch, Center for Victims of Torture, National Religious Campaign Against Torture, American Civil Liberties Union, Center for Constitutional Rights, Demand Progress, Open the Government and Amnesty International.

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