Todashev would “point out cars that he believed were driven by FBI agents,” said his girlfriend

Julie Wilson
September 26, 2013

The Boston bombing mystery deepens as detailed accounts emerge of Ibragim Todashev’s final days before he was executed by the FBI on May 22 in his Fla. apartment. The account is being given from the MMA fighter’s live-in girlfriend, Tatiana Gruzdeva, an immigrant from Tiraspol, a town in the former Soviet country of Moldova.

Todashev and Gruzdeva
Todashev and Gruzdeva

Earlier in the month Infowars interviewed Todashev’s widow, Reni Todashev, whom Todashev was separated from when he met Gruzdeva. See below for the full video interview.

While it’s still unclear exactly what role Dzhokhar, Tamerlan or even Todashev played in the Boston bombing, what we do know is that they were most likely patsies, set up by the government.

Todashev was an alleged acquaintance of the Boston bombing suspect Tamerlan Tsarnaev. Tamerlan and his younger brother Dzhokhar, were accused of carrying out the Boston Marathon bombing on April 16 in which three were killed and hundreds injured.

Gruzdeva, 19, gave a tearful account of the events leading up to Todashev’s death in an interview with the Boston Magazine last week. She explained that she met Todashev through a mutual acquaintance, and while they were just friends at first, he soon asked her to move in, telling her he had a big apartment with two floors.

She agreed to move in and soon after they became a couple, even adopting a cat named Masia. “It was like a small family, me and him and the cat, he was like a little baby for us,” she said.

Gruzdeva said Todashev was sad after the Boston bombing but wouldn’t tell her why. He later admitted it was because his friend was dead, but he didn’t elaborate any further or identify who the friend was. In fact, Gruzdeva had no idea who Tamerlan Tsarnaev was until the FBI showed up at their door.

While she was washing dishes on May 16, she heard men outside the window shouting, “Move down! Move down!” She saw her boyfriend outside on the ground surrounded by agents in plain clothes. Panicked and unable to identify the men, she ran upstairs and hid in the second floor bathroom. When she came out she saw her boyfriend in handcuffs.

“They put a chair in the middle of the room, she said, and made Todashev sit in it,” reported the magazine.

Todashev was complaining of pain in his knee, telling the agents he had just had surgery. They agents said they didn’t care and they knew he was an MMA fighter and that he “could do something.”

“I will not do anything because I’m just off surgery, I’m not stupid,” said Todashev.

Gruzdeva said the agents began aggressively interrogating him about the Boston bombing, demanding to know what he knew of the attack.

Gruzdeva spoke up, defending him, insisting he did nothing because he was with her in the house and he didn’t do anything wrong, but the agents persisted asking the same questions again and again.

The agents wanted to know if Todashev knew Tsarnaev. He admitted they had “trained together in martial arts and gone clubbing together before Tsarnaev had become more devout.” This was the first time Gruzdeva had heard Todashev speak of Tsarnaev.

She said the agents left with Todashev and took all of his electronics, including his cell phone. Six hours later he returned, assuring her that everything was going to be OK. The next day the agents returned the equipment they had confiscated.

Gruzdeva says the agents continued to harass them, calling them regularly, visiting their home and demanding they come into the office for further questioning.

The Boston Magazine reports that the agents questioned Todashev about a phone call he received from Tsarnaev after his surgery and demanded to know why he deleted the call from his phone log.

Gruzdeva remembers her boyfriend telling the agents he deleted it because he was scared. The agents then began questioning the MMA fighter about his alleged involvement in a grisly unsolved triple homicide that occurred on Sept. 11, 2011, in which three men’s throats were cut ear to ear, nearly decapitating them. $5,000 and seven pounds of marijuana was found at the scene, strewn across the dead bodies, and no suspects were ever named.

The 19-year old told the Boston Magazine that they both “believed they were being followed by the FBI on their way to work or to visit friends,” and Todashev would “point out cars that he believed were driven by FBI agents.”

Even after all of the alleged harassment by the FBI, the couple agreed to conduct another interview, this time in the FBI’s office. Gruzdeva said she was waiting in the lobby while officials questioned Todashev again, when an agent she recognized from a previous house visit approached her.

The agent asked her to come with him and questioned her for three hours, asking her things like ‘Can you tell us when he will do something?’ She replied, ‘No! I can’t! Because he wasn’t doing anything, and I didn’t know anything.’

‘Oh really?’ said the agents. ‘So why don’t we call immigration?’

Gruzdeva was in the country on a student visa which had expired. She said the agents knew this the first time they visited their home, but were unconcerned. However, now, were using it against her for answers that she didn’t have.

They then called immigration and had her locked up for 3 months, including five days in solitary confinement. She said she spoke with Todashev nearly every day over the phone while she was incarcerated, and they spoke of how they would be together once she was released.

During a phone conversation from jail, she said Todashev told her about the day he found her missing from the lobby, and said agents mocked him when he tried to find out where his girlfriend was.

“Where’s your girlfriend,” they asked. Todashev, frustrated said, ‘I want to hit them because I was so mad, why they lie to me? They stole you.’

On the day she was placed into solitary confinement, she wasn’t given any answers as to why, but the next morning was told that Todashev had been fatally shot by the FBI.

She didn’t believe it at first, but was granted a phone call and confirmed his death with their friend Husain, the one who had introduced them.

“And everything is flush in my heart, my heart was broken, because me and Ibragim we had a plan, we had a plan to be together, we had a plan to have a family. Yes we were different, we had a different culture, different religion, but it was ok, he tell me, everything will be ok, we’ll all figure it out. But he want to be with me and I want to be with him, we had a plan to have children and everything. And now, he’s not here and we’re not going to be together anymore.”

She was reportedly kept in solitary confinement for four more days before being released. She was picked up by Todashev’s father and friend Ashurmamad Miraliev (who was arrested last Wednesday for allegedly threatening a victim of a crime) and driven to the home where she and Todashev lived.

The FBI and state authorities have refused to launch an investigation or release any reports (including the autopsy report), on the shooting death of Todashev. The FBI’s story has changed innumerable times.

“Some said Todashev was armed with a blade. Another said he was unarmed when the agent shot him. Still another said Todashev attacked the FBI agent with a metal pole or perhaps a broomstick, prompting the injured agent to shoot and kill him,” reported

Below is a video of Todashev and Gruzdeva together.

Infowars interview with Todashev’s widow.

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