There were at least “50 very important people” who had motive to want Jeffrey Epstein dead, Rudy Giuliani said.

President Trump’s attorney – and ex-New York City mayor – said those people would have had a “tremendous motive to kill him” and that the Manhattan lockup where Epstein was housed is so small that “almost everything is within view” of guards.

“There’s probably 50 very important people who have a motive to kill him,” he said Tuesday on Fox. “Not alleging anyone named, but it’s true. We know some people are in a lot of trouble because of Epstein and they know who they are.”

“There’s tremendous motive to kill him.”

Giuliani also added that “this argument whether he was on suicide watch or not is silly” because the Metropolitan Correctional Center is a small facility.

“There’s absolutely no excuse,” he continued. “What happened here, to me, is mind boggling.”

“It’s impossible to happen. It’s a relatively small facility; this isn’t Rikers Island which is 15,000 people in virtually a city…”

“[The Metropolitan Correctional Center is] one building, [with] almost everything within view if you want it to be.”

He also said it was unheard of for a prisoner to only be placed on suicide watch for a week.

“The conditions were no different the day he attempted suicide,” Giuliani stated.

It’s also worth noting that Giuliani was a federal prosecutor in Manhattan before becoming mayor.

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