Paul Joseph Watson
Prison Planet
Tuesday, January 30, 2008

Rudy Giuliani, who is widely tipped to drop out of the Republican race today and endorse John McCain, admitted yesterday that “Ron Paul won all the debates” because of his resonating message of individual liberty and personal responsibility.

“Ron Paul won all the debates,” stated Rudy Giuliani in his speech conceding defeat in the Florida Primary to John McCain. “Government works best when it empowers people to take responsibilities for their own lives.

Such an admission is rare considering the size of Giuliani’s ego and his numerous spats with Paul on the campaign trail.

Ron Paul’s prediction that Rudy Giuliani would fail in Florida and be forced to quit appears to have been borne out by the former New York Mayor’s poor showing in the Sunshine State.

Giuliani is set to back his fellow establishment Neo-Con McCain with the understanding that he would be rewarded by a role in a potential future McCain administration.

However, with Hillary Clinton being the elite’s anointed one with the added luxury of favorable rigged voting machines, it seems McCain’s role will be to act as a stooge and ensure the Clinton-Bush dynasty continues for at least another four years.

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