Former New York City mayor and President Trump surrogate, Rudy Giuliani, blasted the mainstream news media Monday morning, stating that it’s time journalists just openly admitted they are biased against Trump, and that they intend to report unfavorably on him.

Giuliani told Fox & Friends that blatantly anti-Trump reporters should just drop the veneer of pretending to be impartial.

Referring specifically to ‘Meet The Press’, Giuliani said “I was on that show during the campaign under difficult circumstances any number of times, including all of the others. And, my God, the venom is enormous. They don’t like him, and they’re looking for things to pick on.”

“I’d feel a lot better if Chuck [Todd] and the others would just admit that they don’t like Trump, they’re against Trump, and they’re going to view facts in the light most unfavorable to him.” the former mayor added.

The conversation surrounded a Sunday interview with Trump senior counselor Kellyanne Conway, during which presenter Chuck Todd scoffed and laughed at her answers.

Giuliani also pointed to a specific incident from the weekend, involving a TIME report that Trump had a Martin Luther King bust removed from the Oval Office, and replaced with a Winston Churchill bust – which was not true.

“The reason that guy probably missed the Martin Luther King bust is that’s the preconception that he has of Donald Trump,” he said.

Giuliani suggested that the reporter “saw the Churchill bust back where it was, which is where the Martin Luther King bust used to be, and he didn’t bother looking around the room to say, ‘Do they still have the Martin Luther King?’ Because they just assume.”

“And that’s what leads to these charges of racism. And it’s all based on falsehoods. And I don’t know if they’re going to get over it,” he urged.

Former Speaker of The House Newt Gingrich echoed Giuliani’s sentiments:

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