Paul Joseph Watson
December 10, 2010

Is imitation the sincerest form of flattery? Should we be elated or alarmed that Fox News host Glenn Beck now sounds almost identical to Alex Jones? Earlier this week on his television program, Beck talked about Pentagon war games which featured National Guard soldiers training to take on protesters holding signs with the words “FOOD NOW” scrawled on them.

On Beck’s website, a lengthy article appeared in which the author warned that the military is “preparing its domestic response to a potential economic collapse” focused around “civil unrest over lack of food caused by a financial crisis”.

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Of course, we were talking about all this years ago but at the time, Beck labeled us “domestic extremists” for doing so. Has Beck had a complete change of heart? His 180 degree flip regarding Wikileaks’ Julian Assange in realizing that the threat posed by those who wish to abolish free speech in the United States is far greater than any harm done by Wikileaks itself suggests that Beck is starting to see beyond the left-right paradigm.

We’ve asked the question time and time again but with no real answer. If Beck continues to talk like this, will Fox News allow him to stay on air? Or is the whole thing all part of a revelation of the method process?

Beck is on the verge of going head to head with the same military-industrial complex that will enforce any martial law scenario, the same entity that funds and controls the corporate media which provides Beck with his platform.

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This dichotomy seems irreconcilable, but it’s certainly going to be interesting to see how such a seemingly discordant conflict plays out in the long run.

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