The Blaze more interested in poking fun than investigating what 120 global power brokers are up to

Paul Joseph Watson
Saturday, June 2, 2012

Instead of actually investigating what over a hundred of the world’s most powerful people are up to behind closed doors at the Bilderberg Group conference, Glenn Beck’s The Blaze decided to concentrate on attempting to discredit Alex Jones for simply pointing out the manifestly provable fact that the global elite engages in bizarre behavior.

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An article entitled Alex Jones Believes Bilderberg Attendees Ship in Gold-Covered Roasted Babies to Eat written by Madeleine Morgenstern takes a 30 second clip out of the 30-plus hours of live streaming Infowars has done so far and spins it out of context to imply that Jones was literally saying babies were being delivered for Bilderberg members to eat.

In reality, Jones was engaging in a piece of dark satire based on the Johnathan Swift’s satrical essay A Modest Proposal in which he suggests the Irish eat their own babies. The rant about gold-leaf covered babies was based on a factual news story about a British citizen arrested last month in Thailand for attempting to transport dead babies wrapped in gold leaf foil for black magic rituals.

Dismissing satire, the fact that members of the elite are routinely caught abusing and killing children is no laughing matter. As we have exhaustively documented, virtually every case of child sex slave rings around the globe has led back to members of the political class and government, from UN and Dyncorp to infamous cases in France, Belgium, Australia, Bosnia, Portugal, Chile and the United States.

Morgenstern’s blog doesn’t even attempt to inform her readers about Bilderberg’s raison d’être. The story could not possibly end on a more glib note. Instead of actually bothering to tell its readers about the innumerable examples where Bilderberg has directly influenced world affairs, Morgenstern lazily quotes Bilderberg’s official banal press release.

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As we saw with the Daily Caller, another news website that purports to cater for libertarians and conservatives yet sent its reporters to Chantilly to harass Alex Jones while ignoring the Bilderberg Group itself, fake populists like Beck would rather make sophomoric jokes about ‘nutty conspiracy theorists’ than actually ask real questions about what Bilderberg is up to.

In the Daily Caller’s case, its reporters chose to make juvenile jokes about Chuck Norris being a Bilderberg member rather than asking serious questions about why U.S. Governors and Senators are scheming in secret with foreign financiers with total disregard for the Americans who voted them into office.

Instead of attempting to denigrate Alex Jones and his crew, who have travealed over 1500 miles at great expense to provide exhaustive and exhausting coverage of Bilderberg 2012, why doesn’t Beck devote his multi-million dollar media empire to actually covering real issues like trying to find out what 120 of the world’s most influental power brokers are talking about?

We challenege the Daily Caller and Glenn Beck to live up to their hype of being independent media outlets and instead of sniping at Alex Jones actually do some real investigative journalism.

While The Blaze is wasting its readers’ time with jokes about Alex Jones’ rants, Bilderberg members are busy plotting carbon taxesnew wars, new UN power grabs, and a myriad of other activities that directly impact the American people.

Surely this represents something more pertinent to Blaze readers than poking fun at Alex Jones?


Paul Joseph Watson is the editor and writer for Prison He is the author of Order Out Of Chaos. Watson is also a regular fill-in host for The Alex Jones Show and Infowars Nightly News.

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