Joe Robertson
February 22, 2010

On Feb. 16, 2009 Glenn Beck told his audience to standdown and allow a “power grab” by the Executive Branch to happen “out in the open”.

What? Liar… you say?

I just read on another “Big” blog where someone called Glenn Beck a “Liar” (if you can imagine that) and the commenter was pummeled for saying it. Adding my response I said, “People don’t like to be called ‘liars’, so let’s just say Beck is a great ‘deceiver’ instead.”

During the smearing of Medina and the defining of “truthers” week, there was an overlooked, brief segment responding to the Feb. 13, 2009 article which included:

“We are reviewing a list of presidential executive orders and directives to get the job done across a front of issues,” said Rahm Emanuel, the White House chief of staff.

That doesn’t sound good… does it?

No and no doubt many Beck followers felt the same way. Which might be why he spent a few minutes easing the fears of his viewers. A teaching moment for Beck to enlighten us on Executive Orders.

In the process of “educating”, does he raise your level of concern or lower it? If you answer by saying neither, then we can say he did not “raise” concern.

Watch the clip and then take a minute to check the facts.

If the facts differ from what’s presented it begs the question why?

Just to illustrate a possible Beck deception I’ll comment on a few excerpts of the show you just watched. From the 2/16/2010 segment which Glenn Beck calls –

“Why Executive Orders Should Make You Nervous

BECK: You know, yesterday, we talked about all the executive orders that Barack Obama has signed in his first year in office and he’s not the only president to use executive orders. Bush was writing them up like crazy as well.

Beck says “ALL” the Executive Orders? Yes, that might be a figure of speech and not meant literally but consider…

POTUS Obama has signed 42 Executive orders as of 2/15/10 when Beck “talked about all” of them and as you can see in this clip… he mentions None specifically.

OK, no big deal he did not mention any specific Obama Executive orders. He then goes into a teaser for the show we are reviewing here…

BECK: You will not believe the powers given this government through the executive orders already. Not just by this president but the last president and the one before him and the one before that. We should be taking powers away from these people. Not allowing them to sign more to themselves. But we will cover that and believe me it’s shocking tomorrow.

We are still going to get into the nitty gritty of the Executive Orders done by THIS Government. Right? No?

You saw the 2/15 and 2/16 clips and neither cover ANY of the current Executive Orders. Is that a problem? Well only if there is something that should make us “nervous” and that might be “shocking” as Beck has suggested.

Consider these Executive Orders that Beck Did Not cover and also realize that these are in FORCE today and might even make people really nervous. These Executive Orders Define what is cause for a quarantine.

Executive Order 13295 of April 4, 2003 “Revised List of Quarantinable Communicable DiseasesCreated by POTUS Bush II

Executive Order 13375 of April 1, 2005 “Amendment to Executive Order 13295 Relating to Certain Influenza Viruses and Quarantinable Communicable Diseases” Bush II

This 2005 amendment adds ‘‘(c) Influenza caused by novel or reemergent influenza viruses that are causing, or have the potential to cause, a pandemic.’’

A quarantine order that can hold a plane load of passengers hostage or restrict the movement of all peoples in a metro like Chicago. How do you think these “quarantines” would be enforced?

Here is how those Executive orders come into play…

Legal Authorities for Isolation and Quarantine” from the site explains very clearly…

Federal isolation and quarantine are authorized by Executive Order of the President. The President can revise this list by Executive Order.

That second Amendment by Bush on 4–1–2005 added “Flu that can cause a pandemic” as noted on the CDC site.

So What? It’s not like we have a pandemic or anything right?

Well, you may wonder why this gets no press from Fox News or Glenn beck, but there is a charge being made that the WHO wrongly declared a Pandemic. The response may simply be that WHO ignores the charge and winds down the pandemic level.

BUT… this does not change what facts are today from October 24, 2009:


In this President Obama states:

On April 26, 2009, the Secretary of Health and Human Services (the “Secretary”) first declared a public health emergency under section 319 of the Public Health Service Act,42 U.S.C. 247d, in response to the 2009 H1N1 influenza virus. The Secretary has renewed that declaration twice, on July 24,2009, and October 1, 2009.

What does that mean? Not only are we under a renewed “Public Health Emergency” we are also under a “National Health Emergency” for “Influenza Pandemic”. It is “National”.

Basically we need 3 things to be in place before a quarantine order can be issued.

Follow me here…

    Reasons for Quarantine need to be defined. (DONE)

    Communicable Disease or Pandemic Declared (DONE)

    Executive Order to Quarantine (Stroke of ONE Man’s Pen)

Do you see this? Or not? All that is left to do is for Barack Hussein Obama to use his $300 pen and – Quarantine DONE. Plus whatever else may be required to enforce it.

Now remember, the stage was set by REAL Executive Orders now in force (not covered by Beck) and one yet to be realized.

“Quarantine” fear-mongering right? No, fear-mongering is Fox News’ job. I’m just pointing out some areas of possible “ignorance” on Beck’s part.

Why is Glenn Beck NOT telling you these things? WHY?

Back to “Why Executive Orders Should Make You Nervous where, not only does Benedict Beck fail to cover these Executive Orders he takes us down another path.

BECK: … that’s why it makes people just a little uncomfortable. And it also makes conspiracy theorists use them to drum up all kinds of fear.

BECK: I want you to know two things about executive orders: First of all, executive orders should make you nervous. It’s a potential power grab. Do it out in the open. Let’s do it the right way.

BECK: The other thing is, almost all executive order conspiracy theories that you’ll find on the Internet are wrong. I’m going to show you a pretty safe interpretation of some of the executive orders that are floating around there and saying, “Look, what the president can do.”

Understand what just happened. The stage is set here.

Conspiracy Theorists’ motivation is to “Drum up Fear

Right way to do Power Grabs is in “Out in the Open”

• Information found on the Internet is Wrong

Beck will Show Audience the “Safe Interpretation”

  • A d v e r t i s e m e n t
  • {openx:49}

Are there Any RIGHT ways for the President to do a Power Grab? I don’t think so… do you?

OK, now we get to Glenn Beck’s examples of Emergency Orders and guess what? He goes to 1962. Yes, 1962.

Forget about ALL of these to choose from:

• Barack Obama (2009-Present) EO’s 13489 – 13530 (41)

• George W. Bush (2001-2009) EO’s 13198-13488 (290)

• William J. Clinton (1993-2001) EO’s 12834-13197 (363)

• George Bush (1989-1993) EO’s 12668-12833 (165)

• Ronald Reagan (1981-1989) EO’s 12287-12667 (380)

• Jimmy Carter (1977-1981) EO’s 11967-12286 (319)

• Gerald R. Ford (1974-1977) EO’s 11798-11966 (168)

• Richard Nixon (1969-1974) EO’s 11452-11797 (345)

• Lyndon B. Johnson (1963-1969) EO’s 11128-11451 (328)

Out of OVER 2500 Executive Orders, Glenn Beck Chooses to Use these from 1962… WHY?

• Executive Order 10995

• Executive Order 10997

• Executive Order 10998

• Executive Order 10999

BECK: And that’s the problem of all of the directives. What defines a national emergency? Well, the question really is who defines it? The president.

We covered that no thanks to Beck – Oct.24, 2010 H1N1 Pandemic… remember?

BECK: OK. Now, here’s the part you need to understand. All of these orders were signed on the same day, February 16, 1962 — John F. Kennedy. If enacted, they would have given the president of the United States control over all media, telephones, power, fuel, minerals, all of our food, all of our transportation.

BECK: What could possibly go wrong? Fortunately, all of these executive orders — and this is what you will not find out on the Internet — they were revoked by another president, Richard Nixon. I thought I hated this guy.

BECK: So if you get some friend who says, “Hey, I found these executive orders and Obama has put them in place.” No, no, no, no. It was JFK and Nixon revoked them all. But the point is, you’ve got to do your own homework. You’ve got to not listen to conspiracy theories.

The Case Is Made – Executive Orders Good

• JFK (Revered) associated with Signing EOs

• Nixon (Despised) associated with Revoking EOs

• Again the Internet is a Poor Resource

• Don’t Listen to Friends

• Trust Glenn Beck

Yes, trust Glenn Beck as we sit here right now just ONE Signature away from a Quarantine Order.

And where does that leave us on the question in the headline. Glenn Beck on Executive Orders. Is this guy Lying? Is He Ignorant? Or is it a Deception?

With the narcissistic one it is hard to pin the rap on him of being a liar. He tends to do things in covert ways, using speech patterns and associations along with physical gestures and the likes.

As for ignorant? Not a chance. This piece of work is sharp as any and has a staff of 10 (give or take) doing boatloads of research. It’s like thinking he could not know about HR 1207 even while it had 200 co-sponsors (never to be mentioned again – it’s a MURDoch thing).

Which leaves us with one answer and that is “The Beck Deception”. Slicker than Slick Willy he may be.

One last point. There are many other Executive Orders in play. These are updated and amended on a routine basis. It is (as you review the archives) no easy task to keep up on the sleight of hand by our trusted (like Beck) US Federal Government.

A perfect example is the UnConstitutional use of Presidential Executive Powers to create an UnConstitutional Council of Governors. Which BTW was done BEFORE the Beck show just a month ago. Hmmm

Executive Order 13528 of January 11, 2010 “Establishment of the Council of Governors

I like what Chuck Baldwin said:

As with most Presidential Directives or Executive Orders that have the potential to swallow our liberties and expand federal–or even international–police powers, the mainstream media conveniently fails to inform the American people as to what is happening. Such is the case with Obama’s EO establishing a Council of Governors (COG). Therefore, it is left to independent writers to issue the alert. Thank God for the Internet! Chuck Baldwin.

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