“You have til Monday to come clean”

April 20, 2013

Almost immediately following the Boston bombings, radio and former Fox News host Glenn Beck’s news site The Blaze chimed in attempting to ridicule Alex Jones and Infowars for labeling the events a false flag attack, running articles like, “With Absolutely No Evidence, Alex Jones Calls Boston Marathon Explosions a ‘False Flag’ Operation Conducted by the Gov’t.”

However, Beck himself now seems to be the “conspiracy theorist,” saying he knows something “those at the highest echelons of government” don’t want unearthed. One can only take that to mean Obama and his administration.

Beck says he’ll give “somebody in Washington” til Monday to come clean about the actual origin of the deported Saudi national who was first a person of interest in the case. He says something to the effect of, “It would sound better coming from you than me.”

Of course since Monday, numerous reports have come to light suggesting the Boston bombing suspects were contacted by the FBI at least as early as 2011.

Meanwhile, Alex Jones, Infowars.com and scores of independent journalists have been on the cutting edge of the investigation, identifying government security teams and potential patsies, and bringing the FBI’s involvement, massive errors and audacity under the public’s scrutiny from day one.

Indeed, if Beck is not bluffing, which he says he’s not, it’s good to see him come around, but he might take care, lest he end up “Breitbart-ed.”

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