Kurt Nimmo
September 20, 2009

It’s not enough that Fox News’ resident COINTELPRO operative Glenn Beck led the charge and sabotaged the election campaign of Ron Paul — calling him a kook and his supporters dangerous terrorists — now he is determined to sabotage and take down libertarians.

Glenn Beck is like Midas — except everything he touches does not turn to gold. It turns to another unmentionable substance.

In the video clip below, taken from Beck’s radio show last week, the great actor and PSYOP chameleon apologized to the libertarians for dissing them in the past. He now claims that he is one of them and says he’d like to re-examine the issues he used to criticize and sabotage Ron Paul’s election campaign.

Beck says the imperialism of the U.S. government and the Democrat and Republican parties “has caused a lot of problems.” He wants to bring the troops home from Korea, Japan, Europe, etc. He initially includes Afghanistan in that list but then seems to recant in standard Beck wishy-washy fashion (because the illegal occupation of Afghanistan is central in the phony war on manufactured terrorism).

[efoods]Glenn Beck is not a libertarian. He is an operative working for the Pentagon and probably takes his orders from the Army’s Psychological Operations Command. His assignment is to destroy the libertarian, constitutional, and patriot movements.

Beck’s so-called 912 Project was designed to discredit the Tea Party demonstration in D.C. earlier this month — a movement already substantially co-opted by establishment Republicans — and give so-called “progressives” a chance to malign and denounce the movement and characterize it as a Republican attempt to undermine Obama and the Democrats. In other words, steer it back into the safe zone of the false right-left paradigm and prevent it from actually accomplishing anything.

Beck’s sudden reaffirmation of his supposed libertarian roots arrived a couple days after Alex Jones released his open letter imploring Beck to “be on the right side of history” by using his growing public platform to tell the truth “rather than exploiting it to deceive grass-roots conservatives and libertarians into following a re-birth of the neo-con agenda that Beck has embraced all along,” as Paul Joseph Watson wrote on September 15.

Beck’s target is now the libertarians and constitutionalists. Libertarians need to stand up and denounce Beck as a government agent and actor working for the neocons at Fox News. He needs to be outed before he destroys the only viable political movement opposed to the government.

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