Kurt Nimmo
April 21, 2013

Glenn Beck’s claim that the Obama administration protected a Saudi involved in the Boston bombing reeks of hypocrisy. Beck is a master of the false left-right paradigm game. He is attacking Obama while conveniently forgetting that George W. Bush had his own Saudi problem on September 11, 2001.

“We at the Blaze know that this Saudi national is a bad, bad, bad man,” Beck said last week. “This administration is playing an extraordinarily dangerous game. They have very little regard for what it takes to be a citizen. Before the sequester cuts happened, they opened the prison and let illegals out. Who does that? Remember also, the Saudi national that was — is about to get on a plane — involved in blowing the legs off of American citizens, being held in protective custody or being protected, at least, by our administration. He will be put in protective custody and the plans are to deport him.”

Beck then mounted his radio show and called for Obama’s impeachment.

Obama should be impeached. But not for deporting a Saudi. He should be impeached for repeatedly violating the Constitution. He should also stand trial for war crimes, as should his predecessor (and the one before him for slaughtering Serbian and Iraqi civilians).

Beck is playing the paradigm like a Stradivarius. Because he is a charlatan, he fails to mention that Bush has his own Saudi problem. Following the September 11, 2001 terror attacks, George W. Bush instructed the FBI to spirit a number of Saudi nationals out of the country. He did this despite a nationwide three-day travel ban. Although the Bush administration denied the accusation, officials at the Tampa International Airport confirmed that the flights indeed took place.

In 2009, Bush refused to release a congressional report documenting links between Saudi Arabian officials and the accused 9/11 hijackers. “Bush said he could not comply with a request by the Saudi foreign minister for a chance to clear the Arab kingdom’s name because publication of the report could hurt U.S. intelligence operations,” CBS News reported.

Former Senator Bob Graham, chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee in the wake of the 9/11 attacks, said the White House blocked investigations into Saudi support for the 9/11 plot because of the Bush family’s close ties to the Saudi royal family. Graham told Salon in 2004 that “there has been a long-term special relationship between the United States and Saudi Arabia, and that relationship has probably reached a new high under the George W. Bush administration, in part because of the long and close family relationship that the Bushes have had with the Saudi royal family.”

Beck supported Bush during the eight long and arduous years of his reign, but criticized him following 9/11 for not killing Arabs and Muslims “at such a rate that it takes their breath away.” For Beck, more than a million Iraqis slaughtered under false pretext – even Bush ultimately admitted there were no WMDs in Iraq – was not enough.

Glenn Beck continues to fulfill his role as an agent provocateur following his stint at Fox News. His grandstanding assertion that Saudi Arabia is behind the Boston bombing is part of the establishment’s plan to ramp up and extend the phony war on Muslim terror. It is terror predominately created by the globalists through proxies and false flag events like the one in Boston as they continue their order out chaos campaign to dominate through creative destruction and balkanization.

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