Charles Burris
March 19, 2013

Glenn Greenwald certainly nailed the swarmy David Frum in his latest column. It was Frum who was cast in the role of Minister of Propaganda Joseph Goebbels for the fascist Bush regime’s Nazi-like pre-emptive, unconstitutional, and illegal war of aggression against Iraq, while the compliant mainstream media acted as the oligarchs’ liars and enablers for the war.

The media are simply ambitious and avaricious whores, “pressitutes” for the power elite.

These regime stenographers serve a dual role as servitors and marionettes, line-dancing to the same sordid tune played on “the mighty Wurlitzer” by their CIA wirepullers in the DC Beltway Nomenklatura.

The term “the mighty Wurlitzer,” coined by high level CIA official Frank Wisner, was used to describe the elaborate covert networks of propaganda, deception, and media manipulation sponsored by the Agency known as Operation Mockingbird.

Today the media disinformation campaign (the Pentagon’s Office of Special Plans and Iranian Directorate) is more overt but the sheepish masses still slumber in what the brilliant novelist and essayist Gore Vidal caustically described as “the United States of Amnesia.”

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