Matt Welch
June 4, 2010

Interesting Conor Friedersdorf interview with Salon’s civil liberties/executive power blogger. Excerpt:

Presuming that the Republican nominee in 2012 is also bad on civil liberties, what should a voter who cares deeply about these issues do?

A. That’s hard to say, because ultimately, elections are about comparative choices, making it difficult to assess what one should do against an unnamed opponent.  If the GOP opponent is substantially worse, that would be a different calculus than if s/he is merely marginally worse or roughly as bad.

But what is clear is that, for a variety of reasons, the two-party system does not work in terms of providing clear choices.  No matter who wins, the same permanent factions that control Washington continue to reign.  That’s true no matter which issues one considers most important.  At some point, it’s going to be necessary to sacrifice some short-term political interests for longer-term considerations about how this suffocating, two-party monster can be subverted. […]

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