A Colorado weather station observed a record low of -51°F only weeks after politicians met in Paris to combat “global warming.”

The Antero Reservoir station, located about 100 miles southwest of Denver, said the temperature was the third lowest the station has recorded in over 50 years.

“It was verified with another thermometer, both of which have been inspected and approved by the National Weather Service,” said spokesperson Travis Thompson, Sr.

The last time the temperature was as low was on Feb. 8, 1989.

Although the Antero Reservoir has been described as a “extreme microclimate” due to the surrounding mountains keeping cold, dense air from escaping, nearby Buena Vista, Colo., which is at least 1,000 feet lower, recorded a low of zero degrees on the same date.

Now does that really sound like “global warming?”

Other areas of the globe are also experiencing extreme cold.

“Over the past month, there has been a large surge in Arctic ice growth, leading to the largest extent for the date since at least 2004,” Climate Depot reported. “This went on all through [the Paris Climate Conference] – where tens of thousands of criminals met in an effort to steal your money, freedom and energy security.”

That’s the key point: politicians are deliberately arousing public fear over “global warming” to expand the size and scope of government as their “solution” to combat “man-made climate change.”

And when prominent “global warming” advocates such as Al Gore were called out for their failed predictions that the polar ice caps would have melted by now, they simply replaced the phrase “global warming” with “man-made climate change” while still demanding carbon taxes and more government regulation.

“Accuracy in these predictions would not be important; their purpose would be to frighten, not inform,” G. Edward Griffin wrote.


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