J. Speer-Williams
December 12, 2009

The global warming/climate change mythology is the greatest hoax the private International Monetary/Banking Cartel has ever tried to pull off: With the passage of the Copenhagen Climate Treaty provisions, world governance and unlimited taxes will fall into the hands of private, monopoly capitalists, while many socialists, communists, and environmentalists ignorantly support this international takeover, falsely thinking that the treaty’s many laws, regulations, and directives are socialistic, and will thus help improve our badly deteriorating environment.

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The carbon trading schemes of the Copenhagen Climate Treaty are analogous to the “indulgences” the Catholic church sold in the Middle Ages.

Advocates of ever bigger government have constantly mistaken fascism with all forms of socialism and communism. Is it not ironic – but sad – that our misguide socialists always end up supporting their avowed enemies – the controlling oligarchs of our world?

The carbon trading schemes of the Cap and Trade bills, and the provisions of the Copenhagen Climate Treaty, are analogous to the “indulgences” the Catholic church sold in the Middle Ages: “Just give me the gold you have on deposit with goldsmith Goldstein, and your mortal sins of murdering your wife and children will be absolved,” said the fat, bald, dissipated, little Bishop to the richest psychopath in his diocese.

The “Redemption for sale” provisions of all carbon emission’s regulations, directives, and laws will channel hundreds of billions – if not trillions – of American dollars, European Euros, and scores of other currencies to our “friends” in the International Banking Cartel, by way of their so-called World Bank, with little to none being spent on the crying needs of our dying environment.

[efoods]Please take notice: America has already become a post-industrial society, with most of our former industries shipped to China, or India, or to other off-shore venues. And yet, even that is inadequate for the global warming alarmists. Americans are constantly being told, by politicians, bureaucrats, and media pundits, that we consume too much and produce too little; while our government steadily drives up inflation, ensuring we consume less, and prevents new jobs from materializing with Cap and trade legislation and new taxes.

“What about ‘Green’ jobs?” you ask. For every “green” job created – at least – five productive jobs will be eliminated. Those who gain employment with government “green” jobs will produce nothing we can consume; their jobs will be to prohibit the creation of worthwhile jobs in what is left of our private, free enterprise sector.

Senior Fellow at the Competitive Enterprise Institute (CEI) Dr. Marlo Lewis, Jr. said, “There’s only three things you need to know about Cap and Trade: It’s a tax, it’s a tax, it’s a tax. It’s a massive energy tax in disguise” [all going to a few hundred financial oligarchs, less some expense money used to buy off  our governmental “leaders”].

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