Kurt Nimmo
June 19, 2012

Business Insider posted an article the other day breaking down the various secessionist movements in the United Kingdom and Europe. If Scotland manages to get out of the United Kingdom, it will serve as an example for potential breakaways in Spain, Belgium, Serbia and even France, according to the website.

Sovereign and political independence represents a big problem for the EU centralization scheme and the bureaucrats are freaking out. If Scotland is allowed out of the UK, dozens of other ethnic and political factions around Europe may try to get out from under the globalist arrangement.

According to legal scholars, Scotland may be forced to join the EU and adopt its currency if voters opt out of the United Kingdom. And Scotland would also be forced to pay back its “public debt” to the banksters.

Of course, there are other considerations – namely Scotland’s North Sea oil revenues and nuclear bases on the Clyde. The UK and the EU will not allow these to fall through the cracks without a fight.

Growing secessionist movements are more than simply another speed bump for the globalists. Ethnic and political differences are not paved over so easily and present a huge and even insurmountable problem for the one-worlders.

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