October 12, 2012

It makes perfect sense – the globalist European Union has received a “peace” award dreamed up by a guy who manufactured armaments and invented dynamite.

One-worlders and banksters were joyous.

“It is a great, touching moment for the EU to get the Nobel Peace Prize 2012 for the decades of working on peace, democracy and wealth on our continent,” gushed Werner Hoyer, President of the European Investment Bank.

Herman Van Rompuy, president of the European Council, and Jose Manuel Barroso, President of the European Commission, issued a joint statement stating that the “European Union will continue to promote peace and security in the countries close to us and in the world at large.”

It took Nigel Farage, UKIP leader, to inject a solid bit of reality into the otherwise self-congratulatory froth.

“After watching European Council President Van Rompuy cheerleading for war in Libya with Colonel Gaddafi, this idea of the EU getting a Nobel Peace is ridiculous,” he said.

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