A senior German MP and longtime ally of Chancellor Angela Merkel has insisted there is “no question” that the “bad” Brexit deal offered by Brussels could be renegotiated.

Chairman of the Bundestag’s foreign affairs committee, Norbert Röttgen, stated that the German government “do[es] not see any space for further negotiation or renegotiation” regarding Prime Minister Theresa May’s super-soft Brexit agreement, which has been panned by Eurosceptics.

“We are convinced that the deal has now been struck. I personally consider this to be the best of all the bad deals one could negotiate. Now it is for both sides to decide whether to take it or leave it. The negotiations are over,” The Times reported the Christian Democratic Union (CDU) figure saying.

“Both sides have gone to the limits of what is possible for them,” stated Röttgen, who served as Mrs Merkel’s longtime environment minister before taking on his current role.

Hitting out at “embarrassing” former Brexit minister Dominic Raab, who resigned from his post last week condemning what he described as Britain being “bullied and blackmailed” by Brussels over a divorce deal, Mr Röttgen added: “Theresa May and her government were not blackmailed.

“The Europeans know that blackmail is not something you can build a future relationship on.”

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