Kurt Nimmo
December 10, 2009

Common Purpose, a globalist NGO dedicated to teaching a new generation of one-world leaders and apparatchiks, has applied pressure to the ISP hosting Brian Gerrish’s website, resulting in the site being removed from the internet.

Brian Gerrish is a former naval officer and anti-submarine warfare expert who has conducted detailed research into the federalist agenda of the coming totalitarian socialist state in Europe, otherwise known as the European Union. Gerrish talked about the globalist agenda with Alex Jones on March 26, 2009.

Brian Gerrish runs down the globalist agenda on the Alex Jones Show.

“Common Purpose is recruiting and training leaders to be loyal to the objectives of the organization and the European Union and preparing the governing structure for what it calls the ‘post-democratic society’ after nations are replaced by regions in the European Union,” writes David Icke.

“Common Purpose or, more properly, Communist Purpose, is a secretive, New Labor and Brussels funded, Marxist-led, EU ‘Trojan Horse’ fifth column operation and part of the mechanism being used by Brussels to undermine and soften up British society to pave the way for the take-over of Britain by the European Union Collective of Communist Purpose (EUCCP), also known as the EU Police State,” an anti-Common Purpose broadsheet states.

The European Union is the admitted model for world government. On November 19, Herman Van Rompuy, recently appointed as president of the EU, announced that 2009 is the “first year of global governance.” He said the “climate conference in Copenhagen is another step towards the global management of our planet,” i.e., the establishment of a One World Order.

On November 19, Common Purpose sent a letter (see PDF) to HostGator, an ISP in Houston, Texas, claiming Gerrish’s cpexposed website has violated its copyright under the DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act, implemented under two 1996 treaties of the World Intellectual Property Organization, a United Nations agency).

“We are puzzled since all the documentation is in the public domain, and has been for some considerable time,” a post on the cpexposed site declares in response to the takedown order.

[efoods]Little is known about Common Purpose or its course materials and literature. “This is because, in line with the Leninist technique of not defining one’s terms, very little hard information about the ‘curriculum’ is actually available,” writes Global Analysis.

“The independent media which presents documents, facts and evidence that reveal the extent of the misinformation of the mainstream corporate media and also of the crimes of the banksters controlling that media is clearly a big threat to them,” remarks The Flu Case, a website dedicated to the H1N1 issue. “When the internet goes silent, it is time for the revolution to start.”

The Flu Case claims the blog of Joey Fuller of the TN Sons of Liberty critical of swine flu vaccinations “has just been locked in what appears to be the start of a global crackdown on the internet.”

Brian Gerrish is characterized as a “Eurosceptic” by the corporate media because of his claim that Common Purpose plans to create a Sovietized Britain and ultimately merge it into the New World Order via the European Union. Common Purpose is officially described as a “leadership training organization.”

In January of 2009, Common Purpose was reported to the Information Commissioner’s Office in Britain for alleged breaches of the data protection law in its effort to combat Freedom of Information requests. Numerous FOI requests have come from people concerned that too much public money is being spent on Common Purpose courses for government officials.

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