Hitler would be proud of Angela Merkel and the EU power barons. Without firing a shot they have successfully created a German police state just by commanding it into existence. The once proud German people have now largely accepted their new role as slaves to their Brussels masters and the frumpy dominatrix in Berlin.

Free speech no longer exists in much of Europe, particularly in respect to the invading Islamic hordes. George Soros, the EU globalists and Ms. Merkel don’t tolerate dissent and have decreed that all Europeans, save those rebellious Brits, must accommodate and support the invaders, like it or not. Any slaves one opening their mouths to complain risk being fined and imprisonment.

One German couple made that mistake. They created a Facebook group that was critical of the invasion of Germany and Europe, the Islamic invaders and the corrupt politicians behind it. Telling the truth is a hate crime in Germany these days. Blind acceptance and incorporating the propaganda narrative is expected.

The hate-criminal couple lives in the German town of Vierkirchen, accused of inciting hatred toward “migrants” through their Facebook page, dubbed the “Anti-refugee movement,” AFB. The court determined that the page was a clear incitement against “migrant” invaders and found both guilty of “hate speech.” What used to be a rather innocuous and seldom encountered term in its nascent stages has now exploded into full blown censorship and the trampling of individual rights.

Peter M., age 27, was given a 9 month suspended prison sentence and his wife Melanie was fined €1,200, roughly $1,326 in USD, for opening their big, fat patriotic mouths and voicing concerns over the future of their nation.

It’s ironic that in the supposed interest of preventing a resurrection of Nazism in Germany the government has adopted similar tactics in controlling the population, particularly in the face of mounting criticism over the destruction they are imposing.

According to Breitbart.com, “There was nothing overtly nationalistic or Nazi-inspired,” on the page, just concerned German patriots hoping to join together to prevent the total destruction of their nation. Court documents indicated the first post of the now defunct page stated, “The war and economic refugees are flooding our country. They bring terror, fear, sorrow. They rape our women and put our children at risk.”

All of those statements are true but they run contrary to Merkel’s official open borders policy and cannot be tolerated. To make matters worse, they used a German flag as the group profile photo. A UN or EU flag is the acceptable imagery in today’s world of global citizens. Primitive nationalism and love of country are not acceptable by the enlightened global citizens located in the area formerly known as the independent and proud nation of Germany.

In his defense at trial, hate-speaking infidel Peter M. stated, “One cannot even express a critical opinion of refugees without getting labeled as a Nazi. I wanted to create a discussion forum where you can speak your mind about refugees.” He stated that, as administrator, he censored out pro-Nazi or radical comments and posts. He was unable to provide documentation to support his claim due to Facebook’s policy of lightning-quick removal of content Angela Merkel doesn’t like.

Merkel was overheard on an open mic conspiring with Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg last September in New York, at a globalist celebration of the UN’s 70th anniversary. They were discussing plans to clamp down on anti-invasion speech and effectively becoming the social media censorship office.

The judge stated in his decision that “The description of the group is a series of generalizations with a clear right-wing background.” That does not make them untrue, the two are not mutually exclusive and he did not make that assertion. We can therefore also assume that being a right-winger or having right-wing beliefs is also a crime. At a minimum it makes a German citizen less than the foreign invader in the eyes of the law.

The short-sighted invasion supporting judge said at sentencing, “I hope you understand the seriousness of the situation. If you sit in front of me again, you will end up in jail.”

The existence of hate speech statutes, as is the case in America, introduces subjectivity and a mechanism for inserting abusive preference into the process. It clearly is a step on the road to tyranny, a road that both the US and Germany are on.

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