Kurt Nimmo
August 30, 2012

Jamie Fly has taken a parting shot at Ron Paul. In an article posted on the online version of the National Review – a magazine that has lost about $25 million over 50 years – Fly criticizes an obligatory GOP tribute and send-off following months of sabotage.

“Instead of honoring Paul on the way out, the delegates in Tampa should be cheering his departure. He has left a legacy of extremism and falsehoods that need to be driven from the party, not embraced by it,” Fly writes.

Paul’s “extremism” consists of his adherence to the foreign policy of the founders, notably George Washington and Thomas Jefferson, who championed nonintervention in European wars. For neocons like Fly and his cohorts at the Foreign Policy Initiative, the very prospect of not invading small countries – especially Arab and Muslim countries – and engaging in mass murder is not only indefensible, it is abhorrent.

Mr. Fly and his fellows at the neocon “advocacy group” are taking up where the Project for a New American Century and the American Enterprise Institute left off following the so-called Bush era. In fact, the Bush era never really ended. It was seamlessly continued by Barack Obama, albeit with Democrat flourishes.

The neocons do not oppose Obama’s expansion of boundless war and mass murder campaigns under the banner of the global war on terror, they merely object to the fact they are not driving the bone-crushing juggernaut.

The Foreign Policy Initiative is directed by the same old clique of neocons – Robert Kagan, William Kristol, Eric Edelman and investment bankster Dan Senor, who “serves” as a liaison to the Council on Foreign Relations, the one-world government gang gunning to take down the Constitution and American sovereignty. Fly also worked as a Research Associate at the Council on Foreign Relations and at the World Bank.

Lew Rockwell’s post on Fly’s tirade is worth posting at length:

National Review is outraged that Ron Paul, a man of peace,  was honored at the Tampa convention of the war party. Why, why, Ron doesn’t buy into their conspiracy theories about big, bad Iran. Worse, he hasn’t followed Bill Buckley’s order to shun the Birch Society. Why did CIA Bill pronounce that edict? Because Society head Robert Welch called for an end to US aggression against Vietnam. Buckley even went after his brother-in-law Brent Bozell for the same position. Earlier, Buckley had tried to purge Murray Rothbard, John T, Flynn, and other antiwar champions of the Old Right. He even wanted to get rid of Ayn Rand, who was mostly antiwar. The panic now at NR is palpable, because so many young people follow Ron Paul. Pew polls show that the main reason is Ron’s antiwar stance. Along with the Fed, the warfare state is also a key reason for our increasing economic troubles, and the terrifying future for kids and the rest of us. It’s also behind the US police state, which especially targets the young. Kids are no longer being fooled, and relic paper mags, no matter how bloodthirsty, will not change that.

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