Lee Rogers
Rogue Government
April 17, 2008

The New World Order continues its war on vitamins and minerals by hyping a story on a study from Copenhagen University indicating that taking vitamins increases the risk of death. It is funny how the big media outlets won’t focus in on the dangers of psychotropic drugs and other horrific crap created by the major pharmaceutical companies. Instead they choose to hype a story demonizing the use of vitamins citing a study with no specific parameters or information to cross check the validity of what was produced in the study. The globalists are attempting to put companies out of business that produce vitamins and minerals and this is just another salvo being fired in their propaganda campaign to make people believe that vitamins are bad and the crap the pharmaceutical companies come out with is good. Consumption of vitamins are a proven way of maintaining one’s health and big pharmaceutical companies don’t want people to be healthy because that means they can’t sell as much of their junk. This story is just the latest attack in what has been a hard fought war on vitamins and minerals by the globalists.

The war on vitamins and minerals started several decades ago with the inception of the Codex Alimentarius Commission. The Codex Alimentarius Commission was established in 1963 by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations and the World Health Organization. It is recognized by the World Trade Organization as an international body to resolve disputes on food safety and consumer protection. Through the Codex Alimentarius Commission, global regulations are drafted on food safety. Unfortunately, the body has moved to make vitamins, minerals and health supplements subject to all sorts of regulatory restrictions defining these products as foods. They know that they can’t make vitamins and minerals illegal outright so instead they are attempting to regulate the vitamin and mineral industry out of business through guidelines and restrictions. The regulatory restrictions are outlined in a document issued by this body entitled, Codex Guidelines for Vitamin and Mineral Food Supplements which suffice to say has been a document of much controversy. This is because it regulates vitamins and minerals as foods and it subjects vitamins and minerals to dosage, labeling and composition requirements.

In addition to the Codex Guidelines for Vitamin and Mineral Food Supplements document, the European Court in 2005 decided to tighten rules on the sale of vitamins and minerals in Europe. Below is taken from a BBC report on the court decision which ties into the EU Food Supplements Directive. This directive provides even greater regulatory restrictions on vitamins and minerals than the Codex document.

Under the EU Food Supplements Directive, due to come into effect in August, supplements will only be able to include vitamins and minerals taken from an approved list.

Minerals not currently on the approved list include tin, silicon, nickel, boron, cobalt and vanadium.

However, manufacturers of products already on the market will have until the end of December 2009 to change any of the banned ingredients to ensure that their product can continue to be sold in the future.

The globalists are simply attempting to regulate the producers of vitamins and minerals out of business. That’s what makes this recent story talking about how vitamins could cause an increased risk death even more ridiculous. What about all the garbage from the pharmaceutical companies that cause all sorts of health problems and in some cases death? The companies even admit this in their own advertisements listing all of the side effects that their drugs cause. The drugs might solve one ailment but the side effects of the product are often worse than the original ailment.

Not only that, but take a look at what they say about the different vitamin types increasing the risk of death. This is a blurb taken directly from the BBC’s article on the study.

After various factors were taken into account and a further 20 studies excluded, the researchers linked vitamin A supplements to a 16% increased risk of dying, beta-carotene to a 7% increased risk and vitamin E to a 4% increased risk.

These are all stupid statements because everybody has a 100% chance of dying. The report doesn’t get into any specifics about how old the people were in the study and fails to mention a number of other parameters which would be needed in order to analyze the data properly. The whole thing looks as if it is being twisted using fuzzy numbers so they can have a flashy article title that demonizes the use of vitamins.

There is no question that this is a fear-based mind control propaganda campaign to demonize the use of vitamins and minerals so the big pharmaceutical companies can sell more of their drugs. The track record of vitamins has been a good one for many years and there’s no doubt that vitamins, minerals and assorted health supplements are a good way to maintain one’s health. The majority of comments posted in response to the BBC’s article have mostly been positive towards consuming vitamins and negative towards the information in the study. Many of the comments indicated that taking vitamins has helped them with all sorts of ailments.

Simply put the pharmaceutical companies don’t want people to maintain their health because they can only sell their products if people are sick. In addition, it is clear through the Codex Guidelines for Vitamin and Mineral Food Supplements document and the EU Foods Supplements Directive that there is an effort by the globalists to regulate vitamin and mineral producers out of business. The New World Order wants you to be sick so the big pharmaceutical companies can come in and rape you financially through the sale of their drugs. It is nothing more than a big scam.

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