Europe’s high-profile globalists are either drawing the wrong conclusions or doubling down on their policies that originally prompted the populist surge the continent is seeing today.

EU President Jean-Claude Juncker criticized Poland’s recent decision to welcome Ukrainian guest workers instead of asylum-seeking ‘refugees’ coming through Greece and Italy.

Poland’s selection of immigrants was apparently not in “solidarity” with the Union and countered its alleged values.

Juncker even claimed that Poland’s increase in border security was racist, but Poland’s decision to import Ukrainians was partly based on the ease of cohesion they have with Polish society.

“In the streets, you can not tell if people are Poles or Ukrainians, we’re very much alike. It may be that the Poles are afraid of people coming from other parts of the world,” said migration department official Jakub Dudziak.

Additionally, a Member of European Parliament (MEP), Guy Verhofstadt, just recently acknowledged critics’ concern with the EU, but disagreed with the nationalist solutions member states provide for themselves, like Hungary’s populist victory with Orban or UK’s Brexit.

The Hungarian election, in particular, rattled US globalist and former presidential candidate Howard Dean, who acknowledges the severity Orban’s win had on the EU.

A refresher on Dean’s notoriety can be seen in the following video that even CNN admitted sunk his run for president:

That “do or die” sentiment is shared by Verhofstadt, who believes that furthering the EU’s hold of the continent through reformation is the answer.

“The conclusion [of EU’s failings] needs to be that we have to reform the European Union,” he said.

For the EU to compete on the global stage, Verhofstadt envisions “a world that will be completely different,” adding that “only the EU can do it, and if we do not do it tomorrow, it will be a disaster in the coming decades.”

Perhaps Juncker provides a glimpse into what this “completely different” world would look like in his 2016 comment in which he said national borders are “the worst invention ever.”


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