A lengthy report issued by the U.K. Ministry of Defence late last year outlined multiple scenarios for the future of the planet, with a globalist angle.

The report, titled “Global Strategic Trends: The future starts today,” characterizes a world of sovereign states as fragmented and dismal, a world in which “global governance” is impossible.

The ideal scenario presented is a “network of actors” that govern the globe. Sovereignty disappears while corporations and megacities provide a system of “hybrid governance.”

While praising the “improving equality” enabling individuals to “determine their gender and sexuality”, the report says that “antipathy towards immigrants are on the rise.”

The technological revolution is “fusing the physical, digital and biological worlds” and “is likely to increase the risk of societal upheaval, grievance and possibly violent protest by the disadvantaged”.

Additionally, the report calls on governments to “proactively contribute” to build society’s trust in artificial intelligence.

The Global Strategic Trends report is used by policymakers to shape decisions.

A 2010 version of the report outlined a future in which society is torn apart by globalization and massive global migration:

“The social tensions caused by intrusive global culture are likely to be most acute amongst those who seek to maintain their indigenous and traditional customs and beliefs, and feel threatened by changes. This is likely to lead to an increasing number of individuals and groups, many of whom form around single issues that differentiate them from wider society, becoming marginalized and possibly radicalized.”

The earlier report also saw the rise of a “global elite” which influences the global agenda:

“…the emergence of a global elite, a powerful network of individuals and institutions that sits above the level of individual states and influences the global agenda, is also possible.”

The reboot of America has become a major stumbling block in the globalists plan for the world. In their eyes, a strong, sovereign America is a great evil that must be destroyed.

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