Aaron Dykes
September 24, 2012

While major metropolitan cities including San Francisco, New York and Boston are rolling out tiny micro-apartments, local and rural areas are working across the United States heartland to implement Agenda 21 containment policies by stealth.

In this extended edition, Infowars reporters Aaron Dykes and Melissa Melton give an update on their investigation into control grids that will increasingly dictate our future lifestyles, and implement costly deterrents to individual freedom everywhere. Our country is being taken over by “sustainable development” under an environmental guise to mask a stealth takeover by bankers imposing a control grid upon the population.

Under H.U.D. grants driven by President Obama’s Partnership for Sustainable Communities, regional governments are implementing “smart growth” and “sustainable” policies to force the population into concentrated development patterns that favor insider profits and “green”-branded solutions. It is a “planned-opolis” vision for the future where the State is God and the individual is subservient to the “greater good.”

Whether or not such measures are preferable or favored by a majority is irrelevant to the fact that the public has not been properly informed nor has it been asked about this drastic shift in policies concerning property rights and lifestyle. Instead, a slow and sustained kettling has been underway to corral the population into a total control grid, circumventing the common practices of law while eroding at the natural rights recognized under the Bill of Rights, the Magna Carta, and other key documents. If the tyranny is not recognizable by its tip-toeing silence, then it is surely marked by its deceptive aims.

The already evident abuses of world government bodies (under various names and sub-organizations) is masked by declarations of respect for the environment, for human rights, and other lofty ideals. In reality, however, there are ruthless control freaks manipulating the terms of our enslavement. Real life measures for carbon tax schemes, energy austerity, food management, species & habitat management, re-wilding (land seizure) takeovers and more have been vehicles for eugenicist-banker led agendas– indeed ambitious components of Agenda 21 that are changing the rules of the game to the eternal detriment of freedom.

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