An Asian American woman stranded in a parking lot praised US President Donald Trump after an African American man helped her fix her car.

The ensuing encounter was filmed by the man and features the appreciative woman celebrating the president as a good man who “loves his country.”

“Go Trump!” the woman shouted as the man helped with her vehicle.

“He’s cool. He’s good!” the woman tells the man filming. “He loves this country, and he loves people.”

“You make my eyes water,” the man tells her.

“I’ve never met a president who loves [the] country like this!” the woman continued.

“And that’s why I came to help you, because we are two Americans,” the man responded.

At the end of the clip, the two exchange “God bless you” to each other.

The viral 30-second video was promoted on @RedNationRising’s Twitter feed with little context, but nonetheless went viral.

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