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Sofia Coppola, who starred in third “Godfather,” Hollywood’s most violent movie series ever and directed by her father, has joined 80 other actors to fight gun violence for the Michael Bloomberg-backed Everytown for Gun Safety.

The New York-based group announced Tuesday that Coppola, who played Mary Corleone in Godfather III, and the others will be part of the Everytown Creative Council, a collection of stars representing an entertainment industry that has made billions of dollars off violent shoot-em-ups.

It is sure to give the Everytown movement a huge promotional pow as the actors fan out around the country to promote gun control. Others include Alec Baldwin, Spike Lee, Kevin Bacon, Ellen DeGeneres and Kim Kardashian.

In a statement, Everytown said that the new Creative Council “will use its collective reach and cultural influence to support common-sense solutions proven to save lives from the gun violence that claims 88 American lives every day and injures hundreds more.”

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