Kurt Nimmo
April 28, 2011

Now that Obama’s handlers have released an easily debunked birth certificate, it’s time to dismiss those of us with questions as racist pond scum.

Whoopi Goldberg did this yesterday on The View, the popular ABC daytime television show that ran off actor and stand-up comedienne Rosie O’Donnell because she questioned the official version of 9/11 and was vehemently opposed to the invasion and occupation of Iraq. Such ideas are too incendiary for the sheeple. Television was designed to brainwash, not incite.

Near the end of above segment, Goldberg said she is now playing the “damn race card” on the birth issue. She believes a large number of white Americans are racist.

In order to trivialize the issue, the corporate media used a recent PPP poll to make it a Republican versus Democrat kind of thing. “In the poll, 48% of registered Republican voters said Obama was not born in the U.S., while 26% said he was. Additionally, 26% said they were unsure,” writes Jon Terbush for Talking Points Memo.

The poll was conducted after billionaire Donald Trump raised the issue as part of his undeclared bid to replace Obama in 2012 — or maybe just grab the media spotlight like any other narcissist. Following up on the birth issue, Trump has demanded to see Obama’s college records. The Donald points out that Obama was a terrible student at Occidental and wonders how it is he went on to attend Columbia and then Harvard.

If Donald Trump really wanted to ignite a political firestorm, he would ask why Obama’s tuition was paid for by Business International Corporation (BIC), a documented CIA front company. After graduating from Columbia, Obama worked as a researcher in BIC’s financial services division where he wrote for two BIC publications, Financing Foreign Operations and Business International Money Report, a weekly newsletter.

BIC is also linked to the banksters through the Bank of England. In 1986, BIC was bought by the Economist Group in London and its operations were merged with the Economist Intelligence Unit, an organization linked to British intelligence.

Investigative journalist Wayne Madsen covered Obama’s links to the CIA in depth. In response, one of Madsen’s insider sources revealed that the Obama administration wants him dead. Madsen has decided to leave the country for his own safety.

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Former Nixon crony Pat Buchanan has suggested that the only reason Obama made it to Harvard is because of affirmative action. This plays right into Goldberg’s race card argument. Leftists like to portray Buchanan as some sort of racist throwback to the pre-civil rights era.

Obama was placed in Harvard and became an editor of the prestigious Harvard Law Review despite his lackluster academic record not because of government mandated affirmative action. He was groomed by the elite to ultimately become president of the United States.

Obama was selected for the presidency by top members of the Trilateral Commission, most notably Zbigniew Brzezinski, co-founder of the Trilateral Commission with top globalist David Rockefeller in 1973. Brzezinski was Obama’s foreign policy advisor prior to becoming an Oval Office seat warmer and accomplished teleprompter reader. Brzezinski taught at both Harvard and Columbia.

Upon winning the rigged dog and pony show that passes for democratic elections in America, Obama wasted little time packing his administration with globalist and bankster operatives from the Trilateral Commission, the CFR, and Goldman Sachs.

So-called conservatives and Glenn Beck acolytes like to say Obama was groomed by leftists and Muslim radicals. In fact, he was groomed by the elite and shepherded by the CIA. He is wholly a creation of the financial elite and the intelligence community.

Barack Obama, aka Barry Soetero, was not selected to be president by the global elite as some sort of gesture toward equality. He was selected primarily because having a black man in the White House at this point in history serves the interests of the New World Order. The political opposition can now be dismissed by television personalities such as Whoopi Goldberg as an ugly manifestation of racism.

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Resisting the bankster plan to bankrupt America and turn it into an impoverished third world backwater and elevate the totalitarian dictatorship in China as the global government model is racist.

It also proves you’re with al-Qaeda, as former Bush Treasury Secretary Paul O’Neill said recently about those of us who oppose jacking up the national debt. Government deficits and the national debt are the primary weapons now being employed to take down America and eradicate its constitutional principles forever.

It’s Obama’s job to make sure this national hijacking takes place without a hitch.

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