Golden Globes winner Brad Simpson decried walls as hateful last night….while surrounded by a wall of barricades, security and armed police officers.

Simpson, executive producer of The Assassination of Gianni Versace: American Crime Story, urged Americans to “resist at the ballot box” in his acceptance speech for Best Television Limited Series or Motion Picture Made for Television.

Simpson also took a shot at President Trump’s border policy.

“They tell us that we should be scared of people that are different than us. They tell us we should have walls around ourselves,” he said, adding, “Those forces of hate and fear are still with us.”

However, as those very words left his mouth, Simpson was surrounded by a protective lawyer of walls.

A huge security operation was put in place to prevent ordinary members of the public from getting anywhere near the celebrities.

Images from the event show barricades, bomb sniffing dogs, armed guards, LAPD officers and numerous checkpoints – the very kind of measures that would be expected at the border.

The Beverly Hills Police Department was also aided by federal agencies, according to public information manager Keith Sterling.

A law Los Angeles enforcement official told Deadline that the measures were a necessary reaction to “recent attacks in Europe,” many of which occurred as a result of failed asylum seekers crossing open borders that don’t have walls.

“The recent attacks in Europe only reinforce that nothing can be left to chance tactically and strategically,” said the official. “Our plan is to have eyes everywhere and shut down any possible disturbance that could arise long before it gets anywhere near the venue or the event.”

Apparently, only mega rich left-wing celebrities deserve to be protected by a “wall” of security, while ordinary Americans can go whistle.


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