Kurt Nimmo
January 11, 2012

According to Ron Paul’s campaign chair, Jesse Benton, Florida may announce today that it plans to allow proportional delegates. If so, that would be great news for Paul.

Florida is a winner take all state. In other words, whoever wins the primary gets all the delegates. The proposed change means delegates would be divided up between top finishers.

Republicans decided this year to replace the winner take all system with representation system in states that hold primaries before April. Apportionment would be left up to the states, according to a Republican National committee memo on the subject.

New Hampshire used proportional representation and not by a winner-take-all allocation during its primary on January 10. In that race, Ron Paul finished second. He earned three delegates in the state.

The problem with winner take all contests is that they effectively end the nomination battle before many states have voted.

During the last presidential election, it “allowed Democrats more chance to dominate the media and develop get-out-the-vote operations in more states ultimately carried by Barack Obama, such as late-voting states like Indiana and North Carolina. As a result, Republicans in 2010 modified their rules to require great use of proportional representation. States like Florida have flaunted that rule, as they will award all their delegates based on the statewide vote,” explains FairVote.org.

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