Donna Anderson
June 25, 2013

Not too long ago if someone burned down a farmer’s wheat field they were charged with destruction of property or insurance fraud or arson. If they hijacked an airplane they were charged with hijacking or theft or kidnapping. And if they murdered someone, or even a group of someones they were charged with…murder. Now, nearly every crime report you read contains the word “terrorist.” What happened to ordinary criminals?

On Monday’s Infowars Nightly News, Jakari Jackson reported on the recent destruction of two crops of genetically engineered sugar beets. The FBI is calling the crime an act of “economic sabotage” and says the perpetrator may find himself facing charges of “domestic terrorism.”

Yet, on March 30, 2012, Dale Duaine Binger of Atwater, Minn., was charged with first degree property damage when he burned down a crop of corn and soy beans and no FBI agents were brought in at all.

On May 28, a 16-year-old Detroit boy was charged with domestic terrorism after investigators said a “credible threat was made against the Orchard Lake St. Mary’s Festival.” The boy allegedly posted several photos on Twitter showing a handgun, an assault rifle and several fully loaded high-capacity magazines. No crime was committed but because the boy has gang affiliations the FBI is involved and charges have been entered.

Yet, a Bronx principal, Neifi Juan Acosta, who threatened to blow up a school seven months ago is still working at the school, no charges have been filed, and investigators say it may be months before their investigation is completed. And this isn’t Acosta’s first run-in with the law. According to, Acosta spent “more than a year in a rubber room and was fined $20,000” for demoting five eighth-graders to the seventh grade as a punishment.

Terrorism, in the past, generally referred to violent acts which were intended to create fear, perpetrated for a religious, political, or ideological goal, and deliberately targeting civilians. Domestic terrorism is a terrorist action perpetrated by an American resident that takes place on American soil in protest of a domestic issue.

But, what makes one crime an act of “domestic terrorism” and another an ordinary, every day criminal offense that may or may not involve the FBI and may or may not even be investigated? It depends on who the victim is, who’s being charged, and how much mileage the Feds can get out of it.

In the case of Bronx principal, Neifi Juan Acosta, there’s no need to charge him with anything at this point because he hasn’t committed a crime. But if and when he does, he will simply be charged as a mass murderer because of the media coverage his case has already received. The public already knows the guy is just a wack-job and he’s allegedly threatening the school not national security, so unless they came up with some pretty incriminating evidence it would be difficult for the FBI to make us believe this guy is a terrorist.

The Feds are charging the 16-year-old Detroit boy as a domestic terrorist because they can – we, the public, had no prior knowledge of this case, so the Feds can spin it any way they want.

As for the destruction of the genetically engineered sugar beet crops, well, those crops were owned by Swiss-based biotech company Sygenta. Again, we, the people, had no prior knowledge that this crime had been planned so it’s easy enough for the Feds to tack on the words “domestic terrorism.” The crops were owned by a company in a foreign country and we’ve already been taught to be suspicious of anything “foreign.”

More important though is the idea that the American people have been trained to react to the words “terror” or “terrorism” or “terrorist.” The list of federal laws is so long and convoluted we hardly bat an eye when we see someone is facing criminal charges for something. It happens every day now.

But add the word “terror” and we’ve been conditioned to sit up and take notice. We demand immediate action. In fact, we jump so high at the mention of the word “terror” that we overlook the fact that no federal crime has actually been committed, we just want someone to “pay.”

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