Mike Swift
Mercury News
June 14, 2011

The Internet just got a lot faster — at least following a Google (GOOG) search. And offices across America probably will get just a bit louder.

Leveraging its prowess in computer science, Google launched an array of new mobile and desktop search features Tuesday, including the ability to speak a search query to a desktop computer, the ability to run a search query on any personal photo stored on a user’s computer, and a new interface for mobile searches that makes it easier to find information about nearby restaurants, coffee shops and other businesses.

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But the new service that users will probably notice most is something Google calls Instant Pages, a service in which Google will start to load the Web page behind the scenes which the search engine predicts a user is mostly likely to choose among their search results. That means when a user clicks on the link Google predicts, typically the first link in their search results, the page will essentially load instantaneously. Google says that will save users three to five seconds on average on every page view from a search.

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