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May 14, 2011

Internet users, who may have one or multiple accounts through Google, whether they’re for Gmail, YouTube, Blogger, AdSense, or other services, now seem to be forced to give Google their mobile phone number in order to maintain their services.

Surely, the message below has now been seen by nearly all users:



The message prompts users to give their mobile phone number to receive an automated call with a security code to verify their account in order to reinstate it. In the past when account discrepancies arose, Google simply asked for verification through a “recovery” email account. There are no explanations from Google as to why this method has been insufficient enough to now appear to require the mobile phone number of all users.

For many users, Google provides services vital to operating a business. It may be a blog that generates income, a popular Youtube channel, or simply emails that must be answered by professionals. In today’s world, when these services are blocked for even 24 hours, many stand to lose tremendous potential.

It is for this reason that if Google users have no choice but to submit to further personal data forfeiture, it can only be viewed as forced submission, or drop Google services. Because Google has grown so large, if this new requirement becomes mandatory, it will surely affect a large portion of Internet users.

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With the recent spate of stories concerning smart phone tracking and lawsuits against Google for harvesting data illegally, forgive us if we view this recent information request suspiciously. This not only means Google will obtain your phone number, but potentially the ability to track your movements via that data.

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