Google CEO Sundar Pichai fled from Alex Jones and Roger Stone before a Congressional hearing during which Pichai will be grilled about censorship of conservative voices.

Pichai appeared agitated as Jones repeatedly chanted “Google is evil”.

A police officer then warned Jones to be quiet or he would be arrested.

“They’re going to talk about me in this committee, I will be talked about – so what am I supposed to do?” Jones asked reporters.

“I don’t get a day in court, they lie about me….all the top searches are lies about me and my family,” said Jones, accusing Google of helping Communist China’s government target dissidents.

“His people come lie to Congress over and over and over again and we don’t get to respond to them,” he added.

The tech giant has denied that it is censoring conservative voices on its platforms, despite Google-owned YouTube banning both Jones and Gavin McInnes this year.

Check out the live stream below for continuing coverage.


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