Google Glass has all sorts of use as we have seen in the past. We’ve seen how it can be used for medical purposes, and now over in Dubai, it seems that Google Glass can also be used for law enforcement purposes. Yup, you read that right, police officers over in Dubai have begun sporting Google Glass devices and are being trained in them.

Custom apps have also been developed for these devices, one of which is to help the officer capture photos and upload said photos of traffic violators, and the other is to help identify wanted cars based on their license plates, presumably through the use of augmented reality. As it stands, the program is being trialed and it is unclear as to when it will come into full effect.

However according to Khalid Nasser Al Razooqi (via Gulf News), “If it passes our testing criteria as well as we see that it is a useful device, then we might decide to launch it and buy more of it.” While the concept of Google Glass is a pretty interesting one, it has not exactly been well met by the public, or at least those who are more concerned about their privacy than opening themselves up to an experimental technology.

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