Google Maps exposed the exact location of a classified Taiwanese missile defense base after launching 3D maps of the region.

Taiwan is working with the tech giant to blur the images and an official has released a statement assuring locals that the locations will not be the same if war were to occur.

“Actually, the site of defense infrastructure at times of peace will not be the same as those at times of war,” said Defense Minister Yen Teh-fa.

The images reveal US-made Patriot surface-to-air missile (SAM) installations in New Taipei as well as detailed information of two military bureaus.

It is important to note that the incident is being reported by the mainstream media as an accident despite China’s recent threat of military force against Taiwan and its relationship with Google via the development of the prototype censored search engine custom made for China, Project Dragonfly.

Interestingly, this isn’t the first time a mapping company exposed military bases.

Last December, a Russian mapping company “inadvertently” revealed hundreds of base locations in Israel and Turkey by blurring them out.

The exact blurring-out of the bases provided the size and layout of airfields, nuclear facilities, bunkers, barracks, and more.

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