Google searches for people wanting to buy AR-15’s spiked shortly after Saturday’s gun control ‘March For Our Lives’ rally, another indication that the left’s crusade against the Second Amendment is in fact causing increased firearms sales.

Just hours after the nationwide protest ended, searches for “buy AR-15” hit their biggest peak since shortly after last month’s Parkland shooting.

More generic searches for “buy a gun” also peaked at the same time.

Anecdotal evidence suggests that the relentless effort to demonize the Second Amendment since last month’s Parkland massacre has only resulted in more Americans buying guns.

As we reported last month, gun stores in Florida reported sales 33% higher than the previous February.

Gun stores in Idaho are also reporting increased sales of AR-15’s since last month’s school shooting, with customers also purchasing pistols at the same time, according to Jared Huckstep, owner of Hux Customs in Chubbuck.

“One only has to look at the lack of inventory in the AR-15 section of his gun shop to notice the increase in sales,” reports the Idaho State Journal.

Some suppliers are also adding hundreds of dollars on to the price of AR-15’s to exploit demand.

“I have friends in Salt Lake and Florida, and they’re seeing super spikes,” said Reed Payne, co-owner of Ross Coin and Gun in Idaho Falls, adding that the surge would continue if Democrats won control of the Senate in November.

As we reported earlier, while the ‘March For Our Lives’ was ostensibly a call to regulate so-called “assault weapons,” many protest signs at the event advocated banning all guns.

Other signs advocated the use of government force to enact violent gun confiscation if necessary.


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